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Pyrenees & Alps 2016 (#5)

furka pass

Day 7 - Alps


Once I woke up, got ready, packed the bike and set off. 

This was the route I did that day:

Bourg-Saint-Maurice – Little St Bernard Pass – Mont Blanc – Nufenen Pass – Grimsel Pass – Furka Pass – Oberalp Pass – Malvaglia

There was a supermarket two minutes away from the hotel, so I stopped there first to get something quick for breakfast and some food and juice for later.

Then set off towards Little Saint Bernard Pass. It started raining after few minutes. Before I got to the pass there was a petrol station, so I stopped to fill up and to clean and lube the chain in my bike.

While I was cleaning the chain a group of bikers with British plates stopped to fill up, one of them on the same bike as me. I spoke to them for a while about our trips and when they left I finished lubing the chain, then continued towards the pass.

It was raining and visibility was poor so views were not that great on the pass. Visibility started getting better as I was going down the pass and rain stopped after a while.

Continued towards Mont Blanc. As I was getting near Mont Blanc tunnel I thought ‘wow’ – view was amazing. Before the trip I had no idea that I would actually end up there.

It was really warm in the middle of the tunnel, so it was a relief when I got out. Stopped for a small while in Chamonix, and then continued towards Nufenen Pass.

Weather was cloudy all day with rain every now and then. Views would have been much better on the passes if it was sunny, but it was still worth it. I can’t really complain as it was one of not many days on this trip when it was raining and I wasn’t sweating in my leathers like other days.

After around 3 hours I started getting close to Nufenen Pass. Nufenen, Grimsel and Furka are close to each other so my plan was to do one pass after another, and then find somewhere to stay overnight.

Nufenen Pass

Grimsel Pass

Furka Pass

Oberalp Pass

After I did the Nufenen, Grimsel, Furka and Oberalp passes I ended up in Malvaglia for the night. Mainly because there was the cheapest hotel in the area. I wasn’t sure about that hotel at first when I was booking it through hotel booking app earlier – it had ‘ristorante’ in the name so it sounded more like a restaurant than a hotel. But decided to book it anyway.

At first I was struggling to find it, but found it eventually. It didn’t look too appealing, there was a pub downstairs and when I walked in some drunk people started talking to me, and I had no idea what they were saying. Nobody was speaking English except one drunk woman. Finally checked in and went to my room.

I was a bit worried about my bike, but they told me I can put it round the back where I chained it up to the barrier.

As it was my first night in Switzerland, I just realised that I forgot to buy Swiss power adapter, so I had to use USB charger in my bike to charge my phones and camera. It was charging very slowly as bike wasn’t running, and there was a risk of battery in my bike going down, but managed to get a little bit of charge.

Went for a shower, then checked the map to see where to go the next day. Forecast was to rain… and then went to sleep.

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Pyrenees & Alps 2016 (#5)

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